Grand Council of Cryptic Masons

of Delaware


Chartered 1926


Grand Council Officers 2017


M.I. Grand Master A. Tony Maxwell
R.I. Deputy Grand Master John D. Hiott
R.I. Principal Conductor of the Work G. Thomas Taylor, III
M.I. Grand Treasurer Mark E. Irwin, PMIGM
M.I. Grand Recorder Mark E. Irwin, PMIGM
Ill. Grand Captain of the Guard Peter Tyrrell
Ill. Grand Chaplain William Stephey, Jr.
Ill. Grand Conductor of the Council Michael P. Pizzola
Ill. Grand Marshal John A. Eberly
Ill. Grand Steward Christopher D. DeAngelo
Ill. Grand Sentinel George Gadsby

M.I. Grand Lecturer

Neal J. Sobocinski, PMIGM

Ill. Assistant Grand Lecturer

James G. Ferguson

Ill. Assistant Grand Lecturer

John W. Merkley