Grand Council of Cryptic Masons

of Delaware


Chartered 1926


Committees 2020

Jurisprudence Finance
James G. Horn, PMIGM* James B. Walsh, PMIGM*
Jay C. Bergstrom, PMIGM Arthur A. Loveless, Jr., PMIGM
John A. Eberly

G. Thomas Taylor, III, PMIGM

Grand Lecturer Memorials
William F. Lott, PMIGM* Fred M. Palmer*
Grand York Rite Annual Meeting  Awards and Recognition
Commandery - Fred M. Palmer* A. Tony Maxwell, PMIGM*
Chapter - G. Thomas Taylor, III John D. Hiott, PMIGM
Council - Robert Noble G. Thomas Taylor, III, PMIGM
 Grand York Rite Leadership & Education
Permanent Fund
Chapter - Kenneth C. Weaver Sr.*
Lionel D. Hunter, PMIGM*
Council - Mark E. Irwin, PMIGM David H. Laucius
Commandery - Michael P. Pizzola, MIGM Arthur A. Loveless, Jr., PMIGM
Grand York Rite Youth
Governor - Albert T. Hanby Trust
Council - Christopher DeAngelo* James B. Walsh, PMIGM*
Commandery - S.R. Smith, III  
Chapter - Fred M. Palmer

Cryptic Masons Medical Research


Credentials Edward J. Adams*
William F. Lott, PMIGM*


Lionel Hunter, PMIGM  

Franklin R. Townsend, PMIGM